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This site is aimed at providing information regarding the newly discovered cavern system beneath Slough, Berkshire. Discovered during the construction of the new Tasco Superstore on Wellington Street, Slough Caverns is proving to be one of the largest natural cavern systems in Europe, if not the world.

Whilst not open to the public, this web site aims to provide interested parties with a virtual insight into this natural phenomenon.

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20 March 2010 - Due to excessive rain the grand opening of the Slough Caverns has been put back 5 years. The scheduled opening is now expected to be April 2015. Debbie Longlegs, spokesgirl for the Slough Caverns Trust based on the Cayman Islands said that this gives us plenty of time to mop up all the rain water and stuff as its hard work. All ticket sales will be honoured for the 2015 opening and people that hold advance tickets should make a note in their diary for April 2015. In the mean time Debbie Longlegs says people should continue to look at the pictures on the web site as they are cool.

9 March 2010 - Mr Eddy Brown and that girl will be the first couple to get married in the caverns. The wedding is booked for next Sunday.
The ceremony will be conducted by Captain Caveman. The reception will be held in the Tescos staff canteen where no expence will be spared on the tasty array of chips, mash, beans and peas available.
The lavish meal will be washed down by tescos value tea from the tea urn in the corner.
Wedding guests are welcome to park in the spacios Tesco Car Park and welcomed to take part in the 5p/litre off petrol currently on offer.

19 December 2009 - History of the Reservoir behind Kennedy park Britwell by Robert Grace. The water in the Reservoir fell on Denmark about 2 centuries ago and is filter through rocks until it surfaces in Britwell after travelling though the newly found Slough Caverns. It has been proved by scientist seeding clouds with a radioactive isotope in Denmark and then checked the water in Brtwell and found the water was active.

4 November 2009 - Gordon Brown signs lucrative Gold Mining contract with the Slough Gold Mining Company. For more information and photos click here: Gold Mining In Slough Berkshire

3 July 2009 - Alexandra Whittaker of the Manchester Subteranean Bat Society has been awarded the contract to undertake a population study of the caverns bat colonies. The studies which will all take place at depths of 2-3 miles beneath Slough train station will be carried out at night as the bats are nocturnal. Alexandra Whittaker says he's thrilled at being awarded the research project, and has currently set up base the in new apartment blocks next to Slough train station which is just a 2 minute walk from the caves main entrance within the Tesco superstore. The service lift is currently not available to the general public because of European health and safety regulations regarding stale air which is found in random pockets in the caves and sends people loopy.


  • Sloughh Caverns were discovered by Micheal Fink of WS Atkins contractors during the construction of the new Tesco Megastore on Wellington Street in Slough, Berkshire England on 3rd November 2005.
  • The cavern system is still not fully charted but mapping to date shows at least 120 miles of cavern system stretching across an area of 5 square miles beneath Slough, Berkshire.
  • Archeological evidence has been discovered to indicate previous human inhabitation of the cavern system.
  • The cavern systems will be made open to the public, by special arrangement from as early as April 2010 2015, weather permitting.

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